Turntable Drives

Rotate your Peco 00 or N gauge turntable by either a motor drive or manual drive.

Each kit comes complete with instructions.

Some assembly is required and needs to be fitted when constructing the Turntable.

The motor drives can be controlled by a model train control or battery power. Instructions are included for both options. "Plug-it" System connections are fitted to the motor allowing the option to connect to either without soldering. The plugs can be inserted into the screw electrical connector on the rear of a power supply or any other to connect to existing wires .
The below diagrams show the use of "Plug-it" System components for both options.

                 Model train control wiring diagram                                                Battery Power wiring diagram

                                          TURNTABLE DRIVES & "PLUG-IT" SYSTEM COMPENENTS

Battery Box & Switch Pack for Turntable Drives
Battery Box & Switch Pack for Turntable Drives
Double Pole Switch with Connector Leads
Use to switch between Track and Turntable Drive.
Manual Drive for Peco 00 or N Turntable
A kit of parts to provide a manual means of rotating a Peco 00 or N Turntable
Manual Turntable Drive Extension
A kit of parts to extend a manual Turntable drive
Motor Drive for Peco 00 Turntable
A motor drive to fit the Peco 00 gauge Turntable
Motor Drive for Peco N Turntable
A motor drive to fit the Peco N gauge Turntable