7 Jan 2021

NEW FOR 2021

We have introduced two new patterns of station platform lamps.

The first is a representation of the type of lamp which was introduced by British Railways for station refurbishments and rebuilds. We have designated these as "T" style due to their appearance in the form of the letter T. 
Available in 00 or N gauges

The second is a representation of a type introduced by the Southern Railway during the inter-war years when refurbishing or modernising stations. This type became common across the SR network for inner city and rural stations.
Available in 00 gauge only

New 00 & N gauge Signals

28 Jan 2019
New 00 & N gauge Signals

Newly introduced are new versions of 2-aspect colour light signals. Now coloured silver to represent the unpainted steel often seen in current use, but can easily painted if required. These now feature a threaded base to aid attachment.

Also added to the range is a 00 gauge Cantilever Colour Light Signal. This is a solid metal, detailed model painted grey.

As with all our products these have individual wires with pre-attached resistor and plugs to connect to our "PLUG-IT" system

Interior Lighting

27 Jan 2019
Interior Lighting

We can now announce the availability of our interior building lighting system. A very small LED is attached to a base with a resistor suitable for use on 12v dc. The back of the base is self adhesive, ready to attach to a building's ceiling. The wires are extremely thin and twisted to make concealment inside the building easy and at a length of 300mm should allow them to reach outside the building.

Supplied in pack of two.