Power Transformer

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Power TransformerUse to power up to 100 lights (double lights count as two)
Contains wall mounted power supply with low voltage lead and plug, a board mounting socket with 2-wire lead.

Attach the socket with lead to a suitable board (eg. control panel, baseboard). The 2-wire lead which is 30cm long can be extended with Extension Leads (WE-1) (30cm) or (WE-2) (100cm). To power more than one light a Distribution Leads (WD-1) (50cm) is required. This powers up to 5 lights. The Distribution Lead will also accept Distribution Leads (with extension leads if necessary) to increase the number of lights. Each time this will use the socket intended for lights so this has to be taken into account.

Extension Leads, Distribution Leads and lights can be plugged together in any order to create a lighting system. Also On-Off Switches (SW-1) can be plugged anywhere in the system to switch out sections of lights or the whole system.
Plug in the lead from the Power Supply to power the system.

The output of the transformer is 2 amp and 12v which is suitable for powering up to 100 LED's. Over this another separate power system must be installed.