PLUG-IT Starter Pack for 00 gauge

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PLUG-IT Starter Pack for 00 gauge
No soldering necessary when you use our plug, socket and wire connecting system. This system includes Power Supply, Connecting Leads and Switches. Simply use these elements to connect from the power source to each lamp or signal. All elements are interchangeable so can be used in any order.

These packs include the basics to get you started and how to use include instruction and suggestions.
Includes: Wall mount power supply including a baseboard mounting socket with PLUG-IT Lead connection, Distribution Lead, Extension Leads (2 x 30cm, 1 x 100cm) and two Swan Neck Lamps

From this more lights can be plugged into the WD-1 or more WD-1's for more lights, signals and accessories plus Dimmer Switches and Switches. For all these see our other sections in this website.