Automatic Signal Control Pack

(Code: AUTO-1)
Automatic Signal Control PackControl Colour Light Signals automatically with this pack.

A magnet fitted to each locomotive will operate a track mounted switch which in turn operates a time delay switch. As the locomotive passes a signal the time delay switch changes the signal from green to red and then after a short delay the signal reverts back to green.

This pack includes a Track Switch, Time Delay Switch and two magnets (more magnets are available as a separate item). The Track Switch is fitted with "Plug-it" System connecting leads (no soldering required). The Track Switch leads are 30cm long, and can be extended with Extension Leads WE-1 or WE-2.The Time Delay Switch is provided with screw connectors for the Signal and Track Switch leads.

A 2-light signal requires one Automatic Signal Control Pack. A 3-light signal requires one 
Automatic Signal Control Pack and an Automatic Signal Control Delay Switch pack (AUTO-2)

For 00 gauge the Track Switch will sit on the sleepers but for N gauge it may be necessary to remove a portion of sleepers to set it low enough to miss the passing train.

Full instructions included.

NB: This requires a minimum of 12v dc so is not suitable for use via our Dimmer Switch. If using a Dimmer Switch provide a separate supply by using a WD-1 Distribution Lead between the Dimmer Switch and power source and plug a in new supply. May not be suitable for some 12v supplies, if in doubt use Power Supply T-12.