New 00 & N gauge Signals

28 Jan 2019
New 00 & N gauge Signals

Newly introduced are new versions of 2-aspect colour light signals. Now coloured silver to represent the unpainted steel often seen in current use, but can easily painted if required. These now feature a threaded base to aid attachment.

Also added to the range is a 00 gauge Cantilever Colour Light Signal. This is a solid metal, detailed model painted grey.

As with all our products these have individual wires with pre-attached resistor and plugs to connect to our "PLUG-IT" system

Interior Lighting

27 Jan 2019
Interior Lighting

We can now announce the availability of our interior building lighting system. A very small LED is attached to a base with a resistor suitable for use on 12v dc. The back of the base is self adhesive, ready to attach to a building's ceiling. The wires are extremely thin and twisted to make concealment inside the building easy and at a length of 300mm should allow them to reach outside the building.

Supplied in pack of two.


1 Sep 2017

 "PLUG-IT" is a system for the non-electrician to connect and power our range of lights.
Exension Wires, Distribution Sockets, Transformer and Switches

This plug and play system provides a simple way of connecting lights together, switching and providing a power supply.

See the "PLUG-IT" page for more details