Wall Mounted Lights

18 Sep 2023
Wall Mounted Lights Recently introduced alternatives to our existing wall mounted lamp
* A detailed reproduction of a Gas Lamp with threaded attaching
* A reproduction of a typical Swan Neck style lamp.
Both feature clear heads with a warm white SMD LED
As usual these are fitted with PLUG-IT connections and a resistor.
Ideal for any building but look superb on a station building when combined with our wall mounted clock

Audio Experiences

4 Aug 2023
Audio Experiences Sounds of the Countryside!
You can now add the gentle sounds of cows and sheep to your layout.
Check out these new "Audio Experiences" link on our home page

NEW 2023

7 Jan 2023
NEW 2023

New introductions of illuminated clocks and curved lamps.

Two versions of illuminated clock, either post mounted or wall mounted
These are made from metal and feature illuminated dials. Perfect for station concourse and building or steet locations.
Available in 00 only

A representation of a curved style lamp suitable for station platforms or street locations.
Available in 00 and N gauge

Each features a threaded base for secure fixing.