5-way Distribution Lead

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5-way Distribution LeadAllows up to 5 lights to be connected to one supply lead.

One end has a standard 2-pin plug to connect to other "PLUG-IT" elements. The other end has a 5-way socket to connect lights, extension leads or other Distribution Leads for more lights. Plugging in 5 Distribution Leads will allow up to 25 lights (5 from each). This can be repeated to add even more lights up to the capacity of the power supply. Extension Leads can be included to extend the distance between the Distribution Lead's sockets or distance to the lights. It is better to have a Distribution Lead socket close to the nearest 5 lights.

We suggested once the lights have been positioned to plan where the Distribution Lead's sockets would be best situated. In the future more lights can be added simply by plugging in a further Distribution Lead.

Lead length: 50cm