No soldering necessary when you use our plug, socket and wire connecting system. This system includes Power Supply, Connecting Leads and Switches. Simply use these elements to connect from the power source to each lamp or signal. All elements are interchangeable so can be used in any order.

The On-Off Switch and Dimmer Switch are optional. Adding On-Off or Dimmer Switches can control a whole system, a selection of lights or individual lights depending on where connected. 

A mixture of lights and signals can be included.

Use On-On Switches to control Colour Light Signals

The "PLUG-IT" lead supplied with the Power Transformer has a socket which is intended to mount on a baseboard. The lead attached to this  is the start from which a lighting system can be developed. The Power Transformer lead plugs into this socket and allows disconnection if required.

The below diagrams illustrate a typical nine light system and signal wiring . This is expandable with more WD-1 Distribution Leads. These and light leads can be extended with WE-1 and WE-2 Extension Leads. NB: The wires attached to lights an signals are typically 15cm long.

 "Plug-it" basic wiring diagrams (see below for the "Plug-it" wiring elements)


Use these "Plug-it" elements to create your own lighting system

Dimmer Switch
Use to control the brightness of a group of lights
Double Pole Switch with Connector Leads
Use to switch between Track and Turntable Drive.
On-Off Switch with Connector Leads
Use to switch on or off a light or set of lights.
On-On Switch with Leads
Use to switch Colour Light Signals

Power Transformer
A power supply to power up to 100 of our LED fitted lights. (Double lights count as 2)